Sustainability Policy

Asian Agri Sustainability Policy

Guided by the triple-bottom-line principle, Asian Agri is committed to be a company that is reliable, responsible and sustainable in producing quality palm oil and their derivative products.

As both an oil palm plantation company and a palm oil mill, Asian Agri is committed to:

To achieve this, Asian Agri is committed to immediately implement a moratorium on forest clearance and peatland development until studies below have been conducted and plans for conservation and management have been developed and implemented.


Study to identify areas with high conservation value and areas with high carbon stock


Study to identify and map the peatlands


Mapping of social conflicts/SEIA

Asian Agri is also committed to conserve the existing biodiversity, riparian and HCV areas of importance to social and cultural values of communities which are within our plantations. We have conducted HCV assessments for all of our plantations. The assessments were done by RSPO accredited assessors and were peer-reviewed by independent assessors. Currently, Asian Agri is focusing on intensification of our existing plantations, rather than development of new areas.