Zero Deforestation, Peatland Protection, Socio-Economic Impact

Sustainability Commitments

Protecting the environment through sustainable practices

Asian Agri realizes that being one of the major players in the palm oil industry, we have a responsibility to comply with environmentally friendly planting practices and set a high standard for the national industry. Implementing a sound environmental management is a logical step to achieve the objectives and ensure the sustainability of our business.

To achieve this, we have put systems in place throughout our operations. Our environmental policy clearly states our commitment to manage the environment as an integral part of our activities to ensure sustainable development. This policy is communicated to employees and smallholders through regular training sessions and various activities we organize. We realize that environmental awareness requires everyone’s committed participation.

Asian Agri has developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all operations in our estates and mills, overseen by our estate and mill consultants. Regular audits are conducted independently and internally by our consultants, ISO 14001 sustainability team and R&D department. All reports are submitted to the superintendent and a list of recommendations is provided and must be acted upon as a benchmark for their performance. This system ensures that sustainable development practices at our plantations and mills are continually promoted.

These field practices and SOP are designed to produce the best quality, cost-efficiency and sustainable palm oil for our consumers.

Sustainability Dashboard

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