Our Business — Plantations

Managing oil palm plantations sustainably

Asian Agri has 30 oil palm plantations spanning 100,000 hectares located in the provinces of North Sumatra, Riau and Jambi. We partner with smallholders responsible for 60,000 ha under our plasma scheme, and independent smallholders responsible for another 41,500 ha. We focus on developing the technical, financial, and sustainability capabilities of our smallholder partners through training, aid and assistance.

We are committed to traceable, responsible, and sustainable production of palm oil through sustainable practices such as our zero-burning policy, which is implemented across all of our and our smallholder partners’ plantations. This policy is also implemented during the replanting period that occurs every 25 years to maintain the productivity and health of our plantations.

In 2016, we co-founded the Fire Free Alliance (FFA), a group of peers and partners to tackle the issue of land and forest fires in Indonesia. We also promote the sustainable practice of zero burning to smallholders in Riau and Jambi through our Fire Free Village Program (FFVP), which has successfully reduced burning to zero in some areas.