Life at AA

As one of the world’s leading Palm Oil Companies and a member of RGE Group, we touch lives everywhere, every day, whether it’s our tens of thousands of smallholder partners in local communities, or the millions around the world who use our products.

“I decided to study forestry, after considering its long-term prospects. I figured that if I studied it, it would be easier to get a related job in the future as there would be less competition”

Ida Febriantine

“Managing a team at an oil palm plantation is like heading a family and you have to be able to empower everyone in the team to do their best at all times”


I love to take pictures of the beautiful scenery – I want to capture as much of it as possible so I’ll never forget what it’s like to live in an oil palm plantation

Ida FebriantineSenior Manager COPPU

Plantation center of exellence

As a leader in sustainability we put the environment and the interests of local people first – only when our activities are good for the climate and good for the community will they benefit the company.


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Careers at Asian Agri

Together with Asian Agri, become a part of people’s lives and create a sustainable future for the community and country.