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Our Asian Agri R&D Centre

Asian Agri is committed to produce only the best planting materials for our local and international customers through a robust R&D program.

Center for Research and Development of Palm Oil

PO Box 35 Bahilang Plantation
Tebing Tinggi Deli 20600
North Sumatra, Indonesia

Tel: +62 621 21511

The Asian Agri R&D Centre is equipped with:


Conventional oil palm breeding where extensive multi-location field tests (>650 ha) encompassing different agroclimates (abiotic and biotic components) have been conducted to select the best performing materials.


Our advanced biotechnology facilities leverage molecular marker discoveries and modelling where Genomic Selection was used to identify elite planting materials with superior economic traits (high yielding / low height increment / compact / disease tolerance / etc).


Only “Tested and Proven” planting materials are produced by our Seed Production Unit. These elite Tenera seeds have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and are produced under strict compliance and ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality assurance.


State-of-the-art tissue culture facility for cloning “Tested and Proven” elite Tenera for immediate commercial field deployment; and selection of parental palms (Dura / Pisifera) for future production of semi- or bi-clonal materials.


Establishing a network of multi-locational fertilizer and agronomic trials for attainment of the site yield potential (SYP) of the developed planting materials, through site specific fertilizer inputs and best management practices (BMP).


Accredited analytical laboratory services where consistent and precise laboratory practices are upheld for different analyses (leaf nutrient, soil, fertilizers, compost, waste-water, fresh fruit bunch yield and etc.).


Fully integrated “Pest & Disease” laboratories for the development of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technologies that will be transferred and deployed in commercial fields.

We are supported by a strong R&D team of more than 50 researchers and 150 research technicians specializing in agronomy, soil, pest, disease, breeding, biotechnology and tissue culture.

OPRS Topaz

Our Superior Seeds

Superior seeds produced by OPRS Topaz were released to the market in 2004 under a Ministry of Agriculture Decree, and more than 200 million seedlings have been shipped.

In addition to research, the Asian Agri R&D Centre also actively provides technical services and training to promote knowledge, awareness and skills in applying the technological packages to maximize biotic and abiotic factors to produce high yields and sustainable harvests.