Good for Community

Growing together with the community

Community Values

Supporting the local community is key to our business, and is one of the pillars in our 5Cs business philosophy. We aim to raise living standards of communities around our operational areas through the fulfilment of basic needs of economic independence, education, health, and access to basic services.


Asian Agri’s commitment to education is driven by the belief that quality education is key to the sustainable development of a community. We offer scholarships and support for education facilities to help improve access for the communities around our operation. Our Sekolah Sawit Lestari program teaches sustainable plantation practices to school children around the plantation areas to produce a next generation that is capable, productive, and empowered to advocate for sustainable practices.


Health is another area of focus in our contribution to the community. All of our plantations are equipped with a free clinic that is accessible by the company’s employees as well as members of the community. Outside of our plantations, Asian Agri works together with local community health centers to provide free medical consultations. We also provide assistance with the development of sanitation facilities, including clean water, where needed.

Social Economy

Asian Agri is committed to socially and economically empowering the communities where we operate to help them raise their living standards. From catfish to cattle farming, we help the community develop new sources of income by providing access to raw materials as well as training and technical assistance for capacity building.

Facilities & Infrastructure

We understand the key role that social services play in building a thriving community. Asian Agri strives to ensure that every member of our community has access to key public facilities and infrastructure by aiding with the construction of roads, bridges, and decent housing. Secondary public facilities such as a sports centres are also a priority for us, as these encourage activities and events that will generate a positive impact in the community.