Asian Agri has always been committed to maintaining a sustainable operation across our plantations and offices. We understand however, that commitment alone is not enough to generate real contribution to sustainable development. Through Asian Agri 2030, we wish to fully integrate sustainability into every aspect of our operation for maximum impact. For us, this means aligning our business strategy with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have collaborated with PwC Singapore to identify the SDGs where we can contribute most optimally. This exercise identified five Core SDGs, 3 Catalytic SDGs, and 3 Contributed SDGs. Based on this, we have formulated 4 pillars of Asian Agri 2030:

Smallholder Partnership
Smallholder Partnership

We help our smallholder partners implement best practices and gain the necessary certifications to increase production and income through training, mentoring, and financial assistance. By 2030, we target to double smallholder income, complete 100% smallholders’ replanting, acquire 100% ISPO certification for smallholders, and help 5,000 independent smallholders acquire RSPO certificate.

Inclusive Growth

We help our communities improve their quality of life through the empowerment of small-medium enterprises and improvement of access to education. We have targeted to achieve zero extreme poverty around our operational areas and issue 5,000 scholarships by 2030.

Climate Positive

We establish a clean and sustainable operation through a two-pronged approach of reducing and offsetting our carbon emission. Our targets for 2030 include the full implementation of One-to-One Restoration Area where we manage 1 hectare of restoration area for every hectare of plantation and 100% renewable energy in our operations.

Responsible & Sustainable Production

We are working toward making our products 100% sustainable through eco green practices and circular economy implementation. By 2030, we have targeted to reduce our pesticide use by 50%.