Reporting Channels

Asian Agri is committed to responding quickly and constructively to any grievance raised against any of our own operations or our suppliers, and to report them publicly. We develop a robust grievance procedure to resolve all verifiable complaints and conflicts with all related stakeholders such as land conflicts, social conflicts, human right issues, labor issues, etc.

The procedure provides guidelines on handling grievances related to sustainability practices across our supply chain as well governance matters in our operations. The following grievance channels are available to support business transparency:

Aside from providing verification and feedback to any grievance raised, Asian Agri values feedback and inputs from our stakeholders as a constructive way to enhance supply chain transparency and assist in monitoring the progress of the implementation of our Sustainability Policy.

View our Grievance Update.

There are log books located in all estates and mills managed by Asian Agri’s business units. Employees are free to file concerns and reports in these log books, on matters related to Asian Agri’s sustainability policy. Concerns on operation disruptions faced by employees may be documented in the Disruption Log Book.Issues pertaining to employee rights may be documented in the Complaint Log Book.Log Books:
  • Disruption
  • Complaint
Confidential reports may be submitted through email or telephone to protect the identity of the reporter. Poster on Whistleblowing is placed in every office of Asian Agri.
Stakeholders of Asian Agri including but not limited to Government, smallholders, suppliers, vendors, academicians, NGOs, media, etc), are provided different channels to report their concerns/findings. Reporters may share their concerns and information on business misconduct, corruption, harassment, criminal acts, environment, etc.

All reports will be treated confidentially and if deemed appropriate, updates will be made publicly available as per our Grievance mechanism.
Log Books:
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Jl. MH Thamrin No. 31
    Jakarta 10230
  • Fax: +62 21 230 1120
    Attn.: Grievance Secretariat
Grievance submissions should be made using the Grievance Submission Form.