Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Commitments

As one of the major players in the palm oil industry, Asian Agri is committed to the principles of transparency and responsible sourcing of fresh fruit bunch (FFB). Our sustainability reports, published once every two years and beginning in 2015, form an integral part of this commitment. These reports cover a two-year operational cycle with reference to relevant data from previous years.

Starting from the 2017-2018 Asian Agri sustainability report, we also present how we have mapped our activities vis-Ă -vis their current and potential impact to targets related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We have also adopted the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) Standards in accordance with core options as a guiding framework for disclosure.

In order to determine topics critical to meet stakeholders’ expectations and interests, we followed the principles of materiality in defining the report content, focusing on the issues that our business and stakeholders deem the most important and impactful during each reporting cycle.

Over the years, we have shared our sustainability journey through a biennial release of Sustainability Reports that detail our commitments and achievements in becoming a more responsible player in the oil palm industry. This year, we will start publishing interim Progress Reports that provide updates on our mill and estate operations, as well as our continuing partnership with smallholders.

We hope that these sustainability reports provide a perspective on our sustainable palm oil journey, highlighting our environmental, social, economic and governance performances as we continue to strive to grow better from year to year.