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Palm oil was always a part of Naim’s life. He grew up in an area where oil palm farming was a major source of employment, and his own father worked on a plantation.

So it was no surprise to his family when Naim joined Asian Agri’s Graduate Trainee program in 2017.

“I know Asian Agri from the area where I live – my hometown is located close to Asian Agri’s Gunung Melayu plantation,” says Naim. “In May 2017 there was a job fair where Asian Agri was opening vacancies for the Graduate Trainee program, so I immediately registered my name without hesitation.”

Khairul Naim, graduate trainee who is now an Office Learning

There are multiple tracks in the Graduate Trainee program, and Naim joined as an Estate Assistant Trainee, starting his journey at the Asian Agri Learning Institute (AALI), which is Asian Agri’s training centre in Riau.

“My friends and I were taught many things,” says Naim. “We learned the company’s core values, employment, sustainability and others. We even trained with the army for a week.

“We were also given materials and hands-on practice for the process of seeding, harvesting, spraying, fertilizing, replanting, as well as materials and direct practice related to some skills such as basic fire fighting.”

Khairul Naim As Afdeling Assistant at the Segati Plantation

After successfully completing his six months of training, Naim was sent to the Segati Estate to take care of Afdeling IV, where he had the chance to put everything he learned at AALI into practice. Due to his good achievements, in May 2018 Naim was given the opportunity to develop his career by taking a position at the Medan Head Office as a Learning Officer.

“Right now I am at the head office where my personal development and career are broader. In the learning department I am responsible for applying the materials that I have learned while at AALI on a larger scale. Starting from the foreman’s performance appraisal, conducting coaching and mentoring and delivering technical skills training, and several other responsibilities,” Naim explained.

Khairul Naim is giving the training to Asian Agri employees

Personal Development

Since joining the company, Naim has experienced many developments himself. Naim’s leadership skill are getting better, his public speaking skills are improving, and Naim’s self-confidence has strengthened, as well as improvements in technical skills such as operating computers and excel.

“Most importantly, a trainee must have great curiosity, must have a desire to do better, take initiatives, and make continuous improvements,” he says.

“Asian Agri has played a big role in building up all of its trainees, including me. I believe in continuous learning, and Asian Agri has provided that,” added Naim.

This second child of three siblings, he saw that the growth of Asian Agri provided him an opportunity to grow along with the company.

“Asian Agri sees the potential in each employee. My background is in agriculture but I was given an opportunity in HR. Maybe in the future there will be many more opportunities so that I can learn and develop. For all AA Friends, let’s join Asian Agri and let’s grow together,” Naim says.

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