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Jakarta, 18 February 2021 – Asian Agri emphasizes that it has never offered to sell plantations and mills either through mass media (print and online), social media or through individuals acting on behalf of Asian Agri.

We convey this affirmation in response to a group of people who have illegally used the name of Asian Agri in spreading false information on the social media mentioning “Take over Asian Agri Oil Palm Plantation”.

We have identified and reported this case to the Indonesian National Police.

The dissemination of false information or hoax via electronic media (social media) by those who illegally represent Asian Agri, will be prosecuted according to laws and regulations.

For this reason, Asian Agri urges the public to always be careful and alert to fraud, and visit the company’s website at for information and official contacts. Asian Agri is not responsible for any losses incurred in connection with the dissemination of such false information.


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