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[Waspada & Tribunnews] Asian Agri emphasizes importance of healthy food by facilitating healthy food options at school

By May 16, 2018No Comments

Asian Agri, through its subsidiary PT Nusa Pusaka Kencana, recently carried out a Healthy and Nutritious Food facilitating activity at State Elementary School (SDN) 165717 of Tualang Village in Tebing Tinggi, Sumatra, Indonesia. 

“This activity aims to provide knowledge to food vendors at the schools to sell healthy and nutritious food to the children, as well as to teachers to ensure that children are consuming healthy food,” said Ronald H Hutapea, Manager of PT Nusa Pusaka Kencana.

In carrying out the activity, Asian Agri enlisted Padang Hulu Health Centre Officer Barita Siregar, to teach students, teachers, and food vendors about healthy food. Barita said it is important to maintain children’s diets, and that food intake can have a strong influence on the development of children’s intellectual abilities, from as young as infancy. He gave examples of healthy foods – including milk, fish, meat, vegetables and fruit – and spoke about the recommended levels of intake for such foods.

Sarwono, SDN 165717 Principal, said that the activity had been positive for the school, adding that such good knowledge delivered by resource persons can then be applied to the school.

He said that the school is always motivated to gain knowledge through such activities as it can greatly benefit its students

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