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The Topaz oil palm seedling, which has become the darling of oil palm farmers, is more than just an empty promise. This is evidenced by two inspiring stories from successful oil palm farmers partnering with Asian Agri, Tonggor Hutabarat and Nuryanto.

Tonggor Hutabarat, Chairman of the KUD Bina Usaha Cinta Damai Village, Merlung Subdistrict, West Tanjungjabung, Jambi, and Nuryanto, an independent farmer from Bulian Jaya Village, Maro Sebo Ilir Subdistrict, Batanghari, Jambi, shared their experiences in utilizing the superior qualities of Topaz oil palm seedlings.

Since establishing a partnership with Asian Agri, Tonggor and his farmer group have received intensive mentoring from the Asian Agri Partnership team. Various trainings were provided to strengthen the capacity of farmer groups. This mentoring has proven to be extremely beneficial, especially for their old oil palm plants that have experienced a significant decline in production.


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