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Jepara Wood Carving is a peculiar carving art generally originating from Jepara, Central Java. Finding the Jepara Wood Carving in Central Java is certainly a common thing, it is different if you find Jepara Wood Carving entrepreneur outside Central Java, even outside Java Island.

Roto Hendro Carito, being the only person of Batu Anam, Rahuning, Asahan who is in the Jepara Wood Carving business. In the midst of the many professions of oil palm workers, Roto makes Jepara Wood Carving his main livelihood.

Roto acquired wood carving skills when he was still an employee of a furniture company in Semarang, and until Roto was in his middle age, he is still passionate about developing his Jepara Wood Carving business to support himself and his family.

It takes a long time to produce Wood Carving, with the process of carving slowly, little by little and using manual carving tools, besides the lack of energy from Roto, who is no longer young.

With the electric carving tools provided by Asian Agri as a form of support for UMKM, Roto felt very helpful. “At my age who is more than middle age, my energy has decreased considerably. So when you came to provide assistance for this electric carving tool, I was very grateful. This help means a lot to me, because it will lighten my work as well as speed up the process of working on Wood Carving. So far, it took me 3 months to do the carving of a cabinet with manual tools. But with this electric carving tool it only took me about

He hopes that this electric carving tool can lighten and simplify the work process, as well as improve Roto’s welfare.

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