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By March 24, 2022April 11th, 2022No Comments

Heavy rainfall occurring almost daily in Labuhan Batu Selatan Regency, North Sumatra, has resulted in the river’s water level to rise and drown homes in Teluk Panji Village. The flood has harmed several of the people. Aside from flooding their homes, the people have also been facing difficulties conducting daily activities. Supra Matra Abadi (SMA) Kebun Teluk Panji’s management monitored the location of this disaster and immediately coordinated with the village chief to collect data on people that were affected by this flood. SMA donated 60 packages of staples to people who were affected by the flood.

The staple food packages included rice, sugar, sweet soy sauce and milk and were handed over at the Teluk Panji Village Office, Monday (21/03/2022). SMA Public Relations Linus Sinetor and CSV Assistant, Rifky Anandhika handed over this donation on behalf of the company.

“Teluk Panji Village is one of the villages located along the border of SMA’s operational area. The high intensity of rainfall has led to the river’s rising water level, leading to a flood in Teluk Panji Village. After observing this condition, we, from SMA, would like to donate staples to the people to show our concern for the people residing near our operational area. We hope this would benefit those affected by the flood. Let us pray and hope the flood recedes soon,” Linus said.

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