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Asian Agri’s successful strategy in assisting palm oil farmers in a sustainable way will soon be extended from plasma smallholders to independent smallholders

One way in which Asian Agri has always demonstrated commitment towards assisting farmers is through replanting programs with palm oil farmers in North Sumatra.

This commitment will be further bolstered through the recent handover of a palm oil replanting fund by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to KUD Anugerah Jaya Mandiri Sejahtera (an Asian Agri partner) in the Kota Tengah Kecamatan Dolok Masihul Village of the Serdang Bedagai District in North Sumatra on November 27.

Bernard A. Riedo, Asian Agri Head of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations expressed the company’s appreciation to the government and Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) for their support towards smallholders.

“We hope that the independent smallholders will be able to attain the same success of the plasma smallholders in achieving higher productivity as well as in improving their welfare,” Bernard said.

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