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[Kompas & Sindonews] Asian Agri optimistic about achieving 100,000 hectares of partnership land

By June 6, 2018No Comments

Asian Agri is committed in its focus on smallholder partnerships, with the target to partner 100,000 ha of palm oil plantation land owned by smallholders this year.

“Currently, the Asian Agri partnership with palm oil smallholders is at more than 92,000 ha of palm oil plantations, which will continue to grow,” said Fadhil Hasan, Asian Agri Director of Corporate Affairs.

Fadhil added that Asian Agri will continue to establish partnerships with smallholders, in line with the expectation that the size of smallholder-owned land will match the land owned by the company.

“We do this in order to uphold the One to one Commitment partnership program,” said Fadhil.

“This partnership program has made Asian Agri into one of the highly-committed palm oil companies which continues to improve farmers’ welfare,” Fadhil added.

Through this partnership program, Asian Agri values its relationship with the smallholders, and does not limit it to merely a seller-buyer relationship.

“We are contributing towards improving the welfare of our partner smallholders through mentoring and sustainable farming practices,” he said.

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