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Asian Agri, one of the largest palm oil producers in Indonesia, has implemented a traceability system, one which traces the origins of its crude palm oil (CPO) supply.

Kelvin Tio, Asian Agri Managing Director, said the implementation of this system is one way of proving open access to the public to Asian Agri’s CPO production process.

“Since the beginning, when palm oil plantations were established in Jambi province, Asian Agri has managed them based on sustainable principles and criteria,” said Kelvin, who was speaking at the Executive Oil Palm Program for Ambassadors event held recently in Jambi.

Implementation of the traceability system is carried out through Asian Agri’s partnership program which provides assistance to smallholders about palm oil plantation management.

With the traceability system in place, the quality of palm oil produced by the farmers can continue to be monitored.

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