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When he moved from Rembang, Central Java, Anton Suhartono, 10 years old at that time, never thought that he would pursue higher education abroad and become the successful smallholder he is today.

In 1988, his father joined in the People’s Core Plantation Transmigration (PIR-Trans) Program. At that time, his father brought the family to move to Riau with the hope to improve their livelihood, because his previous profession as an agricultural laborer was deemed insufficient to meet his family’s needs.

Arriving in Riau, his father then had the opportunity to meet Asian Agri and become part of the company’s partner smallholder. After being a partner of Asian Agri, Anton’s father has succeeded in sending his three children to get higher education.

Applying the knowledge he learned from Asian Agri’s guidance, Anton started a poultry farming business as an alternative economy during the oil palm replanting period.

According to Anton, poultry farming is the right type of business because it produces fast, has a large target market and is easy to reach.

He also added that managing this business is very easy because he uses environmentally friendly technology in producing his animal feed.

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