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[Go Sumut] Asian Agri and Tanoto Foundation help villagers learn new skills

By September 3, 2017No Comments

Villagers of Karang Taruna Batu Anam Village, Rahuning Sub-District, Asahan District, will be able to earn a new source of income after Tanoto Foundation and Asian Agri provided them with training and equipment in animal husbandry.

Since September 2016 the villagers have been given a total of 11 goats, as well as detailed instruction on goat farming, ranging from how to care for the animals to how to market their produce.

The head of the village said the programme received an enthusiastic response from the community. “This activity increased my passion to develop livestock. In addition we also get a lot of new experiences such as disease prevention, feed types, cage types, and also milk processing.”

As well as providing new skills and opportunities, the programme is also aimed at encouraging young people to set up their own businesses.

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