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[Berita Satu, Tribunnews, Sindonews] Asian Agri Wins CSR Award

By December 1, 2017No Comments

Asian Agri was recently honoured with the Platinum Award (in the Environmental Sector) at the Indonesian CSR Awards 2017.

Organised by the Corporate Forum for Community Development in Indonesia (CFCD) and the National Standardization Institute (BSN), the Indonesian CSR Awards recognizes companies which have carried out ISO-26000 standard Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

At this year’s awards, Asian Agri was recognized for its Environmental Management Program (which includes climate change mitigation and adaptation).

“The assessment category for selection of the best companies continues to be improved, year to year. We do not play games – the best companies will be selected only after very rigorous assessment procedures by various assessment teams,” said CSR Committee Chairman Thendri Suprianto.

This year’s CSR Awards was opened by the Indonesian Minister for Research Technology and Higher Education, along with the Head of BSN.

During the event, Asian Agri (as one of the award recipients) gave a presentation about CSR best practices, from the company’s point of view.

The Indonesian CSR Awards 2017 saw the attendance of 27 companies comprising 13 mining and energy companies, 12 industrial and manufacturing companies, one service company, and one agriculture and industrial company.

Read the full article (Bahasa):, Tribunnews and Sindonews

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