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[Analisa Daily & Tribun Medan] Asian Agri Received ISPO Certificate

By September 5, 2017No Comments

Asian Agri has successfully secured the Certificate of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO). This certificate was given by Ir Bambang MM, Director General of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, to Asian Agri during an ISPO Strengthening Workshop.

This certificate is a form of government award given to oil palm plantation companies, in order to encourage sustainable palm oil plantation management. Through this award, the government hopes that many companies will implement a sustainability management system.

According to Bambang, palm oil provides Indonesia with a powerful economic opportunity, so the ISPO Commission is working to achieve its certification targets as soon as possible.

The award was received by Welly Pardede, Asian Agri’s Head of Sustainability Operations & CSR, who expressed his gratitude on behalf of the company.

Asian Agri is committed to implementing the standards determined by the ISPO, in order to achieve sustainable palm oil plantation management.

“Currently, 93% of Asian Agri’s plantations have been certified by ISPO, of which there are 26 estates and 17 factories,” said Welly. “Asian Agri has demonstrated sustainable palm oil management, whereby all of the plantation and factory units have been audited and are awaiting the decision of the ISPO Commission for its publication.”

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