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[Analisa Daily] Asian Agri encourages students to adopt a tree-planting culture

By October 14, 2017No Comments

Asian Agri recently encouraged students of State Elementary School (SDN) 112178 in Bilah Hulu District, Labuhan Batu City to adopt a culture of tree-planting through a program, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to support environmental sustainability.

Friendky Rumahorbo, Manager of Supra Matra Abadi (an Asian Agri subsidiary) said: “By encouraging children to plant trees like this, it is hoped that the students will gain an understanding of the importance of planting trees for environmental sustainability. It is hoped that the event will help instill a tree-planting culture among the younger generation.”

A total of 800 fruit tree seedlings were distributed to and planted by the students, including mango, guava, rambutan and longan trees.

According to Friendky, planting fruit tree seedlings can take place not just in schools, but also on open land at gardens, places of worship, offices, and factories, and other open land areas.

Head of SDN 112178 Abdul Karim expressed gratitude towards the program, saying that it was a good tool for students at the school to adopt a tree-planting culture.

“We are thankful to Supra Matra Abadi for coming to the school and carrying out the tree-planting activities, as these are very beneficial to us.

“If the fruit trees grow well, the area can become a shelter or an outdoors learning area,” he said.

Abdul Karim added that his school has a large open area, comprising grass and bushes, which was initially not useful. Following Asian Agri’s program, the said land can be beautified and made use of, he said.

Coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility for Asian Agri in North Sumatra Fajar Suryono said that the purpose of the program was to establish more green open spaces.

“The goal is to make use of open areas until they become green and shady. Besides that, the program also safeguards microclimate conditions, and serves as a source of local fruits for the community in the future,” he said.

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