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To Benefit the Community


Asian Agri is guided by our founder’s 5Cs business philosophy, which is that our activites should be good for Community, good for Country, good for Climate, good for Customers, and only then when they be good for the Company.

We partner with local communities in our areas of operation to raise living standards through economic development, education, healthcare and the construction of vital infrastructure, in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Through our One to One Commitment we are matching each hectare of our own land with a hectare owned by smallholder farmers, helping to raise their yields and therefore their income.


Asian Agri aims to improve the quality of education, not only for our employees, but for the surrounding community as well. In partnership with Tanoto Foundation, we help renovate existing schools and provide new facilities such as libraries, school buses and toilets.

Initially, students are encouraged to grow with the provision of scholarships together with Tanoto Foundation, while teachers are provided with further training and support through the PELITA education program.

We also provide daycare for the children of employees so that families can be economically active, improving their livelihoods.

With access to good education, the next generation is empowered to embrace and advocate sustainable practices.

Health Services

Asian Agri collaborates with local health authorities to provide free medical consultation and basic medicine at clinics, Posyandu (Integrated Service Posts) and Poskedes (Village Health Post). The company also assists with developing infrastructure, such as bore wells, water towers, water tanks and piping, to ensure clean water supply, and builds public sanitation facilities in communities which lack them.

Economic Development

After approximately 25 years oil palms start to become less productive and need to be replanted. This can mean a gap of around three years between the planting of new trees and the first harvest, so we work with smallholders to help them earn new sources of income during this period.

Asian Agri explores smallholders’ potential and raises their agronomic standards while supporting adoption of sustainable practices to increase their livelihood and enhance economic resilience.

Our support includes the training provision, capacity building, technical assistance, and quality seeds supply.

That includes providing smallholders with cattle, poultry, fish and seeds, as well as equipment and training to put them to productive use.

SISKA (Oil Palm-Cattle Integration System Program)
To reduce waste and to help the government with its goal of making the Indonesian cattle industry self-sufficient, we have integrated cattle into the smallholders’ farming process.

Many of the by-products of the oil palm production process can be used as cattle feed, and the resulting manure can generate biogas for domestic use and fertilizer for oil palms. The use of biogas for cooking helps lower living expenses, while the cattle provide an additional source of income for the smallholders.

Asian Agri has been supporting catfish farming since 2013, starting with a fish-farming project in the village of Batu Anam, situated around PT Gunung Melayu. We provide the smallholders with fry from the Sangkuriang catfish variety, and give training in catfish cultivation in tarp-lined pools and ponds. Catfish farming is a very promising business and the turnover is very quick, with a three-month harvest cycle.

Social-Economic Infrastructure

Asian Agri’s social-economic programs strive to improve the welfare of local communities. Asian Agri’s social-economic programs strive to improve the welfare of local communities, so that they live with dignity. Asian Agri’s social-economic programs strive to improve the welfare of local communities, so that they live with dignity. The construction of tube artesian wells in surrounding villages aims to ensure the supply of clean water. Sports facilities are also built to encourage sports and community events. Domestic industries and livestock farming are developed in which villagers are not only provided with livestock, but also given assistance. Our facilities and infrastructure program includes the construction and repair of roads, bridges, aqueducts and houses of worship.

House Renovations
Housing and shelter is one of the most basic human needs. Everyone has the right to live in comfortable and decent housing. As part of Asian Agri’s CSR program we provide house renovations. This CSR program aims to improve the quality and standard of living of the community by providing them with decent housing.

Social Responsibility

Every year we hold activities such as food assistance for victims of natural disasters, donations, distribution of gifts to commemorate religious holidays and affordable cooking oil bazaars.

Asian Agri and Tanoto Foundation also provided aid in the form of food and clothing for victims displaced by the prolonged eruption of Mount Sinabung. In cooperation with the Medical Faculty of University of North Sumatra, Asian Agri provided health assistance and medical equipment to victims of the eruption, many of whom were afflicted with upper respiratory tract problems.

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