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Asian Agri R&D Centre


Improving yields in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manners is key to our business, and is supported by the Asian Agri R&D Centre in Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatra. Established in 1989, today it employs 46 staff and 120 technicians, and specializes in agronomy, soil, pests, diseases, breeding and biotechnology.

Our science staff focus their research efforts on the creation of superior seeds, fertilizers, environmentally-friendly pest control, water and soil conservation, and utilization of organic production waste.

The Asian Agri R&D Centre is equipped with:

  • Analytic Laboratory in Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatera for analysis of leaf nutrients, soil, fertilizers, compost, oil palm, wastewater and fresh fruit bunch yield.
  • Pest & Disease Laboratory for developing Integrated Pest (and Disease) Management (IPM) technologies in Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatra.
  • Clonal Oil Palm Propagation Unit (COPPU) in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, to produce superior seeds through tissue culture technique.
  • Biomolecular Laboratory in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, to develop Molecular Marker Assisted Selection.
  • Oil Palm Research Station (OPRS) in Topaz, Riau, that specifically manages breeding and production of superior seeds.
  • Test fields in various locations with different agroclimates for testing fertilizers, pest and disease control bioagents, progeny trials, and collection of genetic resources.

Superior seeds produced by OPRS Topaz have been released to the market in 2004 under a Ministry of Agriculture Decree, and more than 130 million seedlings have been shipped.

In addition to research, Asian Agri R&D Centre also actively provides technical services and training to promote knowledge, awareness and skills in applying the technological packages to maximize biotic and abiotic factors to produce high yield and sustainable harvests.

For more information please contact:


Center for Research and Development of Palm Oil

PO Box 35 Bahilang Plantation

Tebing Tinggi Deli 20600

North Sumatra, Indonesia

Tel. +62 621 21511


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