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Pelalawan, December 11, 2023 – Commemorating the 56th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Golden Eagle Group (RGE) or RGE Founder’s Day 2023, Asian Agri employees engaged in various social services and activities for communities residing around the company area. This initiative involved hundreds of Asian Agri employees across three provinces, namely North Sumatra, Riau, and Jambi.

“Asian Agri, along with all its employees, is once again raising funds to celebrate RGE Founder’s Day 2023. This reflects our gratitude for the continuity of our business. Additionally, this activity aligns with the company’s goal of becoming the largest and best sustainable resource-based company, consistently creating benefits for society, the country, the climate, customers, and the company,” said Asian Agri’s Sustainability Operation & CSR Manager, Putu Grhyate Yonata Aksa.

“This Founder’s Day activity has been held regularly every year since 2019.”

Putu further explained that the funds collected would be utilized for social services, including organizing low price markets, painting school buildings, and conducting blood donation drives in North Sumatra, Riau, and Jambi. Furthermore, the company provides education to school students about the importance of sustainable resource management.

“The social service activities took place simultaneously from December 4 to 15 in selected Asian Agri business units. The cheap market featured the sale of 8,000 kg of rice, 2,300 liters of cooking oil, and 1,150 packages of basic necessities consisting of sugar, cooking oil, and tea powder. The total rice for basic food packages amounted to approximately 1,150 kg, cooking oil 2,300 liters, sugar 1,150 kg, and tea powder 1,150 boxes. School building painting occurred in 7 schools, and approximately 350 employees participated in the blood donation drive,” Putu said.

One of Asian Agri’s business units, PT Inti Indosawit Subur (PT IIS) Kebun Buatan, organized the low price market at the Makmur Village Office, Pangkalan Kerinci District, Pelalawan Regency, Riau, on Thursday, December 7, 2023.

“We welcome the low price market activities conducted by Asian Agri. This significantly assists rural communities with lower incomes, as the prices of the basic necessities sold are very affordable compared to market prices,” said the Head of Makmur Village, Suwardi.

He also expressed hope that these events could be repeated in the coming years. “We hope that PT IIS Kebun Buatan and Asian Agri will continue to progress and develop, allowing us to experience more positive outcomes. Hopefully, the relationship and cooperation between the company and the villagers can remain harmonious,” added Suwardi.

Meanwhile, the Manager of KBN PT IIS Kebun Buatan, Andreas RF Sitompul expressed gratitude for social services carried out by the company and its positive impact toward the community. He also thanked the village government and villagers for enthusiastically welcoming the low price market activity.

“In this year’s Founder’s Day activities, we hope that the community will equally benefit, especially those around the operational area of PT IIS Kebun Buatan, located in Kerinci District, Pelalawan Regency. We aspire to maintain and improve this good relationship, especially with the villagers of Makmur Village. Additionally, through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the company has undertaken activities in the infrastructure sector to enhance public infrastructure, health, education, and more. We anticipate that this positive collaboration will remain sustainable, allowing companies and village governments to progress and develop together,” said Andreas.

About Asian Agri :
Asian Agri is one of Indonesia’s largest palm oil producers. Founded in 1979, the company today manages 100,000 hectares of plantation land and employs over 20,000 people. A pioneer of the Indonesian government’s Trans-National Government Migration (PIR-Trans) program, Asian Agri currently works with 30,000 Scheme smallholders in Riau and Jambi who operate 60,000 hectares of oil palm plantations, and independent smallholders who manage more than 39,000 hectares.

Implementing a strict “no burn” policy since 1994 and best practices in sustainable plantation management, Asian Agri has helped its smallholder partners improve productivity, yield and supply chain traceability, while assisting them obtain certifications. The company’s mills are technologically advanced and energy self-sufficient, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

All business units of Asian Agri have secured the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification.

Currently, all Asian Agri’s plantations in North Sumatra, Riau & Jambi provinces and Scheme smallholder plantations in Riau & Jambi provinces have been 100% RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified. In addition, ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) has been achieved by all plantations owned by Asian Agri and the smallholders it supports.

The company’s operations (CPO mills and KCPs) are ISO 14001 certified, while its Learning Institute and nursery research center in Pelalawan, Riau province, Indonesia are both ISO 9001 certified. Asian Agri’s laboratory at the Center for Research and Development in Tebing Tinggi is accredited by the National Accreditation Committee under the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA).

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