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27th August 2016 – Palm Oil Company, Asian Agri through PT Tunggal Yunus Estate (TYE) has invited 42 children for a free circumcision event at Petapahan Village, Kampar District.

The event, which is part of Asian Agri’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in the health sector, was held at Puskesmas (community health center) Tapung, and attended by Kampar Regent Jefry Noer.

“Our CSR programs are aimed at helping to increase people’s health and welfare. This circumcision program serves the purpose as it helps our Muslim community fulfill their religious obligation while it supports the children’s health and cleanliness,” said Jaka Hermanto, a manager at PT TYE. 

“This event also suits the purposes of first and fourth principle of Kampar Regency’s programs, which are morality and health improvements,” he added.

Head of Puskesmas Tapung Tasliaty appreciated the company for its contribution and also collaboration to help the underprivileged children  join the circumcision event. 

“We hope that our presence here can bring benefits for the residents. Asian Agri runs CSR programmes regularly, and we believe that a partnership approach with the government and with the residents to meet the needs on the ground is most effective,” said Benjamin R Hutagalung, CSR Coordinator of Asian Agri in Riau. 

The company has been working together with farmers to increase their economic welfare and prosperity under the scheme of Inti-Plasma collaboration in the regency since 2014. Through this partnership smallholders have assurance that their fruit fresh bunches will be bought by the company. Asian Agri has also provided the smallholders with oil palm Topaz seeds so that they can increase their productivity and generate higher income. 


About Asian Agri:

Asian Agri is one of the leading private companies in Indonesia producing crude palm oil (CPO) since 1979 and employs around 25,000 people today. Since 1987, Asian Agri has been a pioneer of the Indonesian government’s Trans-National Government Migration (PIR-Trans) program. Today, the company manages 100,000 Ha of land and partners 30,000 smallholder families in Riau and Jambi who operate 60,000 Ha of palm oil plantation.

Asian Agri’s success in becoming one of the leading CPO companies has been acknowledged internationally with the ISO 14001 certification for all of its operations. Its Learning Institute in Pelalawan, Riau, as well as its nursery research center in Kampar, Riau are ISO 9001 certified. In addition, Asian Agri’s R&D Center in Tebing Tinggi has also obtained certification by the International Plant-Analytical Exchange at the WEPAL lab at Wageningen University in The Netherlands, for its high standards.

More than 85% of both owned plantations in North Sumatra, Riau & Jambi provinces & scheme smallholder plantations in Riau & Jambi provinces have been RSPO certified. 

All plantations have also been ISCC-certified (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), including plantation owned by smallholders

Out of 20 mills, 14 have received certification from ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil where as the remaining mills have gone through stringent ISPO audit process. It is targeted to have both RSPO & ISPO certification completed by 2016.

For further information, please contact:

Elly Mahesa Jenar
Corporate Communications Manager
DID: +62 230 1119
HP: +62 811 8776 729

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