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Pekanbaru, 28th June 2024 – In commemoration of World Blood Donation Day on 14th June 2024, Asian Agri organised the “Asian Agri Blood Donation Week 2024” across three different provinces: North Sumatra, Riau, and Jambi, on 13th, 19th, 22nd, and 26th June 2024.

This Blood Donation Week is a visible demonstration of Asian Agri’s commitment to supporting the smooth blood supply to regions in need and raising public awareness about the importance of becoming a donor. This event is being held in various regions through the Company’s various business units to reach more donors. A total of 414 participants attended across three provinces, with a total of 287 bags of blood collected.

Not only did the general public participate, but several staff and employees from various Asian Agri’s business units also became donors. One of the business units that organized the event was PT Mitra Unggul Pusaka (PT MUP), located in Langgam District, Kampar Regency, Riau.

On this occasion, the General Manager of PT MUP, Victory Brahmana, explained, “We hope more people will understand the importance of blood donation and be motivated to donate their blood. Through this activity, Asian Agri hopes to help more people and create a healthier, more caring community for one another.”

On the same occasion, Dr. Opyanda Eka Mitra from the Blood Donation Unit of the Indonesian Red Cross in Pelalawan Regency, who partnered with Asian Agri to organize this event, said, “We express our gratitude to the staff and employees of PT MUP who have supported and collaborated in making today’s blood donation event a success. We hope our collective social action benefits everyone.”

Meanwhile, the Manager of Sustainability Operations and CSR at Asian Agri, Putu Grhyate Yonata Aksa, stated, “This blood donation activity is part of our ongoing commitment to support public health and welfare. It reflects our genuine presence and concern for others while educating the community about the importance of blood donation. Every drop of donated blood has the potential to save someone’s life,” he emphasized.

During this event, blood donors received handwoven handicraft souvenirs made from palm fronds, a product of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) supported by Asian Agri in Riau. These handcrafted items, such as bags, plates, and home decorations, are made from palm fronds and signify one of the commitments of Asian Agri’s 2030 Roadmap, specifically Pillar 2: Inclusive Growth. Through this initiative, the company aims to foster inclusive growth by developing MSMEs in villages surrounding its operational areas.

Asian Agri has long been committed to supporting various public health programmes in its operational areas. In addition to blood donation drives, the company also regularly conducts health education and free medical check-ups.

About Asian Agri

Asian Agri is one of Indonesia’s leading national private companies producing crude palm oil (CPO) since 1979. To date, Asian Agri manages 100,000 hectares of oil palm plantations and employs over 20,000 people.

As a pioneer of the Indonesian Government’s Smallholder Transmigration Core Plantation Program (PIR-Trans), Asian Agri has partnered with 30,000 plasma smallholders in Riau and Jambi who manage 60,000 hectares of oil palm plantations. Additionally, the company fosters partnerships with independent smallholders to bring positive impacts on their welfare and economic improvement.

By implementing a zero-burning policy and sustainable plantation management practices, Asian Agri helps smallholders increase productivity, crop yields, supply chain traceability and supports them in obtaining certifications. Asian Agri’s factories utilize state-of-the-art technology harnessing self-generated green energy to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

All business units under the umbrella of Asian Agri have obtained ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil) certification. Currently, Asian Agri’s core plantations in North Sumatra, Riau, and Jambi provinces, as well as plasma smallholders plantations in Riau and Jambi provinces, are 100% RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified. Simultaneously, ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) has been achieved for all plantations owned by Asian Agri and its partner farmers.

Asian Agri’s success as one of the leading CPO producers has been internationally recognized with ISO 14001 certification for all its operations. The Learning Institute in Pelalawan, Riau, and the seedling center in Kampar, Riau, are also ISO 9001 certified. Furthermore, Asian Agri’s research and development center in Tebing Tinggi has been certified by the International Plant-Analytical Exchange at the WEPAL lab at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, ensuring high standards.

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