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[Waspada & Tribun Medan] Local school gets new facilities

By September 20, 2017No Comments

Asian Agri helped provide clean water, sanitation facilities and furniture to a local school as part of its CSR commitment, reported Tribun News.

State Elementary School (SDN) 118157 Dusun Kampung Selamat, Village Kampung Padang, Labuhan Batu City, was given new toilets, clean water access, and school equipment such as desks, chairs, and teachers’ desks. This assistance comes as part of Asian Agri’s commitment to assisting the development of the communities around its operations.

“Asian Agri’s CSR programs are born out of a needs assessment process of the surrounding community,” said Welly Pardede, Head of Sustainability Operations and CSR.

“We conducted a survey, observation and discussion so that the program can be right on target and useful. The CSR program provides clean water access, good sanitation and support for the convenience of students who are studying in school,” Welly said.

Linda Ria, the Headmaster of SDN 118157 Dusun Kampung Selamat, expressed his gratitude to Asian Agri for the assistance provided to his school.

“I am deeply touched by the help to us, where we previously had no clean water, and the children had to walk to the forest to go to the toilet. Today, we already have clean water, new toilets, and new study tables,” said Linda.

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