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[Waspada] Celebrating the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesia, Asian Agri Held A Free Drugs Campaign in Schools

By August 19, 2017No Comments

To coincide with the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Asian Agri held a roadshow titled ‘Keeping the Youth Drug Free’.

The campaign was organized for students in schools in Labuhan Batu regency, in order to prevent them from turning to drug abuse, reported

Activities at the roadshow including counsellors from Labuhan Batu Resort Police and Labuhan Batu Health Office, and a competition for poetry and caricatures with the theme ‘Keeping The Youth Drugs Free’.

Iptu Murniati, Head of Drug Counseling at Resort Police Labuhan Batu, spoke on the dangers of drug abuse. He highlighted Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics, which expressly prohibits the misuse of drugs. Drugs can only be used for the benefit of health and/or the development of science and technology, and every perpetrator of drug abuse will face heavy sanctions, he warned.

The roadshow activity is part of Asian Agri’s CSR program, and aims to educate high school and junior high school students about the dangers of drugs, while at the same time encouraging literacy and drawing skills.

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