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The palm oil industry and its stakeholders face challenges related to the management of oil palm plantations that are sustainable global development-oriented. In responding to this challenge, oil palm farmers are required to adopt environmentally friendly plantation cultivation.

This must be done for the existing and next generations, so that oil palm farmers can continue to meet the increasing food demand as the global population grows.

Oil palm replanting is one of the various ways to achieve sustainability in the palm oil industry, while increasing plantation yields and the quality of oil palm fruit without clearing new land for plantation.

If replanting is the best option, oil palm farmers have to prepare many things ahead of the replanting process, where they will replace the old oil palm trees with new trees.It takes about four to five years for the oil palm farmers to harves after the oil palm crops planted. The waiting period becomes a concern of oil palm farmers in making decision to replant, because they will experience a decrease in their basic income.

To overcome this challenge, Asian Agri takes the initiative to partner with the oil palm farmers in their replanting program, encourages oil pam farmers to do the replanting program without a doubt.

The replanting program carried out by Asian Agri’s farmers uses superior Topaz seeds, since the use of superior seeds in replanting oil palm plantations is one of the key factors that can help optimize the productivity of oil palm plantations.

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