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KUD Mulus Rahayu managed to get an “A” score as the first KUD that successfully replanted its 310 hectares funded by the Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management (BPDPKS). Chairman of KUD Mulus Rahayu, Pawito Saring, said, “Replanting is often feared by oil palm farmers. In fact, sooner or later we will definitely do replanting. Thanks to our partnership with Asian Agri, we were able to replant in early 2016, then after 32 months we had our first harvest. We even got an “A” rating when the Siak Plantation Agency assessed our plantation in December 2020.”

As the first KUD replanted with the Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management (BPDPKS) fund, KUD Mulus Rahayu, located in Kerinci Kanan Subdistrict, Siak Regency, is also the first KUD in Indonesia to achieve the A score.

The assessment was carried out directly by the Siak Regency Agriculture Office. The physical assessment of the plantation covered plant conditions, soil cover conditions, soil preservation systems, production roads, collections, the collection points, market and plates as well as general impressions.

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