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By June 10, 2020No Comments

Asian Agri continues to maintain its sustainable operation both in its plantations and palm oil mills in order to fulfill food and energy needs. In the New Normal, the company adopts a pattern to live and work which requires health protocols for COVID-19 transmission prevention to employees in oil palm plantations.

“The health protocol has been running well in the plantation. To date, there is no positive case on our plantations,” said Bernard Riedo, Director Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations Asian Agri, in a webinar discussion on June 10, 2020.

He said that no Asian Agri employees were exposed to the COVID-19. For this reason, activities at Asian Agri continue to strictly follow the health protocol COVID-19. “For activities in our office, we don’t want to take risks, everything has been limited. We have carried out preparations in a large group,” he explained.

On its oil palm plantations, Asian Agri has prepared various policies to stem the Covid-19 pandemic. Bernard said administrative staff in offices in Riau and Medan were diverted to work from home since March and April. Including in the plantation, the company limits the movement of people from outside so there is no virus transmission to employees.

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