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Asian Agri recently invited EU Ambassadors to visit its palm oil plantations located in Tungkal Ulu, Jambi.

The visit was conducted in order to provide positive information about sustainable and environmentally-friendly palm oil management practices in Indonesia.

Kelvin Tio, Asian Agri Managing Director, was present to accompany the ambassadors. He explained the processes within the plantations, ranging from planting to pest control, and mechanization-based land replanting activities.

Responding to the negative campaigns against palm oil, Asian Agri stressed its commitment to continue maintaining a sustainability-based environment. Kelvin explained that Asian Agri adopts the principles of no deforestation, no peat development, and no exploitation, which is in accordance with the policies established by national and international bodies such as ISCC, RSPO and ISPO.

Vincent Guerend, EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, said: “It was not the first time I have visited a palm oil plantation, but I have never been as amazed as when I saw how Asian Agri optimizes the whole process. Every employee in the plantation knows what they should do during every process to optimize two main things – sustainability in the company and in the plantation management, for a long term.”


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