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[Sawit Indonesia] Asian Agri ensures Topaz seed requirement for palm oil replanting program

By April 5, 2018No Comments

Asian Agri is ready to support this year’s Palm Oil Replanting Program (PSR) by preparing a supply of superior Topaz seeds.

Currently, Asian Agri has a production capacity of 25 million Topaz seeds per year.

“Asian Agri is committed to producing the best quality superior seeds to support the replanting program. This is because 50 per cent of a plant’s success is influenced by its seed source,” said Fadhil Hasan, Asian Agri’s Director of Corporate Affairs.

Fadhil noted that farmers are often trapped because of seeds which are fake and uncertified. Due to this, Asian Agri is supporting the replanting program so that smallholders will no longer have to use fake seeds.

“There needs to be cooperation between the government, (seed) producers and smallholders to run this replanting program,” said Fadhil.

The Ministry of Agriculture has rounded up 17 palm oil seed producers to support the replanting program this year.

Muhammad Anas, Director of Seed Plantations at the Ministry of Agriculture, said all the seeds required for this year’s replanting program are already available.

“The seed industry has collectively agreed to support the program, as certified seeds contribute to higher palm oil productivity,” he said.

Ang Boon Beng, Topaz Seeds Senior Breeder at Asian Agri, also confirmed that the seed supply for replanting activities is ready for use during the second half of this year. The said seed supply is intended to fulfill the needs of farmers in Riau, Jambi and North Sumatra.

“We want the replanting program to run well and to succeed on the field. We have three superior types of Topaz seeds to support this replanting program,” he said.


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