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In the beginning of 2020, everything ran normally. A row of sewing machines in a house at Jalan Bromo, Gg. Setia Baru II number 28, Medan, was still actively moving the yarn over the fabric sheets for uniforms. Even the owner and manager of the stitching business, Muhammad Taufik Sinaga (29), never imagined that in the third month his business would slow down.

Although Taufik finally realised the world pandemic had an impact on his convection business, he did not give up. In front of him, there were 14 workers who previously diligently completed orders for up to 2,500 school uniforms every week.

The decrease of the orders was due to the government’s regulation to instruct learning activities at home which makes the demand for school uniforms is not urgent for students in the new school year. This situation, however, urged the man who was born in Pematang Siantar to look for solutions for his workers.

Covid-19 pandemic forced people to wear masks to prevent its transmission, also caused the decrease of the order. Taufik adapted to the situation and together with his workers, they produced the two-layer fabric masks.

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