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Asian Agri will begin operating three new biogas plants this year, reusing organic waste from the palm oil production process to generate clean energy.

Bernard Riedo, Director of Asian Agri’s Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations, said that the three plants will be in addition to the seven biogas plants which the company already operates.

“We have targeted to simultaneously operate 10 biogas plants this year. Seven of them have been built and operating optimally. Three more plants will operate this year. This is our way to fulfill basic energy needs independently and to cut operating costs. In another way, this is the part of our industrial waste management plan,” he explained.

Each of the seven currently-operating plants has a capacity of between 2.2 megawatts. This powers the mill, while Asian Agri sells the excess power supply to PLN so the people residing around the company’s operation area can consume the renewable energy.

Read the full article (Bahasa) : Republika

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