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[Kontan] Replanting Program Increases Sales of Asian Agri’s Topaz Seeds

By December 1, 2017No Comments

Sales of Asian Agri’s Topaz palm oil seeds experienced a 100 per cent increase in 2017 compared to last year.

This is due to palm oil farm rejuvenation or replanting program which is being conducted intensively by the government and private sector, reported Kontan.

“The government’s program of rejuvenating palm oil plantations will have a positive impact and continue to drive demand and sales for Topaz palm oil seeds produced by Asian Agri,” said Fadhil Hasan, Asian Agri’s Corporate Affairs Director.

Fadhil explained that in order to achieve maximum palm production, Asian Agri is urging relevant parties to cooperate in the use of certified palm oil seeds.

Asian Agri noted that the number of farmers who buy certified palm seeds has gone up by 75 per cent when compared to last year.

Fadhil also said that Asian Agri will continue to provide Topaz seeds to smallholders in the future, for better product quality and quantity. This can be achieved if there is commitment from smallholders, as well as support from the government and institutions related to palm oil production.

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