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[Kontan] Asian Agri encourages government to commit to using good quality seeds for replanting program

By April 5, 2018No Comments

Asian Agri, as one of the largest producers of palm oil seeds in Indonesia, has asked for a guarantee from the Indonesian government to absorb all palm oil seeds which are intended for this year’s smallholder palm oil plantation replanting program.

This year, the Indonesian government is targeting to replant 185,000 ha of palm oil plantations, spread over 25 provinces, reported Kontan.

“We as (seed) producers have been asked to commit. We are ready to run production in accordance with the government’s requests, but we also request that the government absorb the seeds,” said Fadhil Hasan, Asian Agri’s Corporate Affairs Director.

A total of 267,000 seedlings have been prepared by Asian Agri for this year’s replanting program. The seedlings will be distributed to either plasma farmers or independent farmers, to ensure that none of them will use and be deceived by fake seeds, which will disadvantage them financially.

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