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Asian Agri gave rewards worth a total of Rp 500 million to five villages around its plantation which has successfully prevented forest fires under its Fire Free Village Program.

Asian Agri continues to provide assistance to the villages in its operational area, so they can handle and prevent forest fires, reported Kabar24.

“We are aware that the effort to prevent forest fires should be done continuously, so we learn from PT RAPP (Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper) to implement the Fire Free Village Program,” said Zulbahri, Asian Agri’s Sustainability Manager in Pelalawan.

According to him, an additional seven villages are participating in this year’s Fire Free Village Program, bringing the total to 16 around Riau and Jambi.

Montty Giriana, Coordination Deputy for Energy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Affairs at the Coordinating Ministry of Economy, said that business owners and companies should continue to encourage village participation in the Fire Free Village Program.

“Environmental preservation is the responsibility of all parties, from community, companies, to government, so we could have a healthy environment,” he said.

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