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[Jawa Pos, Antara News, & Waspada] Young Generation Invited to Promote Anti-Narcotics Education

By November 5, 2018No Comments

In celebration of Youth Pledge Day, Asian Agri conducted a seminar on the Impact of Narcotics on Millennials at SMA N 1 Bilah Hulu. This seminar was carried out in consideration of young people who may be vulnerable to the influence of drugs.

Manager of PT SMA Kebun Aek Nabara, Frandky Rumahorbo said that the younger generation must understand the negative effects of drugs on health as well as the negative consequences towards their futures.

Asian Agri’s event was also marked by speech contests, a Youth Pledge Literacy contest, the distribution of pins, a caricature contest about the dangers of drugs for the younger generation, and Tor-tor dance performances.

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