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By February 19, 2021No Comments

The Village Unit Cooperative (KUD) Karya Jaya, Merlung, Jambi Province, conducted the replanting of 800 hectares of oil palm located in Bukit Harapan Village, Merlung District, Tanjung Jabung Barat, Jambi.

The head of KUD Karya Jaya, H. Ruhiyat, acknowledged that the partnership with Asian Agri had brought the oil palm farmers under the cooperative to achieve rapid progress. Not only increasing the living standard and income, the partnership will also build a more responsible community.

Ruhiyat said, the 559 KUD members that own a total area of 800 hectares would play a role in achieving sustainable development goals. With the replanting carried out in two stages, namely in 2020 covering an area of 440 hectares and in 2021 covering an area of 360 hectares, the cooperative members would remain optimistic about the partnership between Karya Jaya Cooperative and PT. Inti Indosawit Subur (Asian Agri) and therefore they continue the relationship to manage their plantation for the next 1 crop cycle.

The partnership in replanting smallholder’s oil palm plantations is a collective decision based on decades of experience since they started oil palm plantations in Jambi. The agreement to partner with the company was reached with the consideration of professionalism, technical capability, commitment to mentoring, provision of superior seeds and other facilities that can reduce environmental and social costs during the waiting period for harvest.

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