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[Inside RGE] Trash for Cash: No Waste in Cultivating Environmentally-friendly Habits

By September 15, 2016No Comments

Asian Agri’s drive towards the adoption of more sustainable practices is not limited to its operations.

The palm oil producer joined forces with Tanoto Foundation and the Pelalawan Environment Agency (Badan Lingkungan Hidup Kabupaten Pelalawan or BLH Pelalawan) to strengthen waste management in Air Emas village, Ukui Pelalawan – introducing “trash for cash” initiatives to encourage recycling while improving the community’s disposable income.

Asian Agri, Tanoto Foundation and BLH Pelalawan’s waste management initiatives have not only been well-received, but have brought benefits to both the communities and environment.

According to Asian Agri’s Sustainability & CSR Head Welly Pardede, many would believe garbage is dirty and damaging to the environment. With creativity, however, garbage can be converted into useful products that can be sold for money.

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