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[Inside RGE] Rats! Here Come the Owls: A Look at Asian Agri’s Integrated Pest Management Program

By February 22, 2017No Comments

With 27 oil palm estates in Riau, Jambi and North Sumatra totaling 160,000 hectares of land of which 60,000 are smallholder estates, Asian Agri together with its smallholder farmers represent one of Indonesia’s leading palm oil businesses.

But along with vast plantations and fertile conditions inevitably come pests such as rats and caterpillars.

Recognising that harsh chemicals could bring harm to oil palms, planters and ultimately consumers, Asian Agri strives to avoid their use in its integrated pest management.

“The sphere of business at Asian Agri is inseparable from our interaction with nature. On this soil, the seeds of our best oil palms flourish and grow, benefiting many people. Therefore, we must have the responsibility to maintain the natural order to ensure that the soil remains at its best condition,” said Freddy Widjaya, Director of Asian Agri.

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