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[Inside RGE] Asian Agri Committed to Assisting Independent Smallholders

By February 24, 2015No Comments

Asian Agri, one of RGE‘s group of companies,  has long been committed to improving the livelihood of its partnered Indonesian smallholder farmers. Since 2011, the company has also worked to assist independent smallholders who are not part of its large-scale plasma scheme.

In 2015, Asian Agri renewed its dedication to furthering the interests of all palm oil smallholders through its capacity-building programs. The company’s leadership believes that doing so has the potential to not only lift more of Indonesia’s working families out of poverty, but also improve the economic competitiveness of the country as a whole.

Asian Agri operates on the three-fold principle of doing good for the company, the country, and the community in equal measure. This is the “3C” philosophy espoused by Sukanto Tanoto, founder and chairman of RGE

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