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[Infosawit & Kumparan] Asian Agri celebrates Ramadan, sells good quality cooking oil at low prices

By June 4, 2018No Comments

Asian Agri recently participated in the Ramadan Bazaar held by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade in Jakarta from June 4 to 7, 2018, as a form of support towards the government in controlling the prices of basic necessities ahead of Idul Fitri. 

At the bazaar, Asian Agri sold 4,000 litres of cooking oil at IDR 10,000 (USD 0.70) per litre.

“Every year, we participate in the Ramadan Bazaar held by the Ministry of Trade, to support the government through anticipated price hikes in basic necessities ahead of the festive holidays, by helping people who require cooking oil at affordable prices,” said Bernard A. Riedo, Asian Agri Director of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations.

Bernard said that the price of the cooking oil sold by Asian Agri is very cheap, but more importantly, it is of good quality.

“We are very pleased with the Ministry of Trade’s Ramadan Bazaar because we can buy basic food at low prices here, during the period when the prices of basic food usually increase,” he said.

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