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Two of Asian Agri’s business units, PT Indo Sepadan Jaya and PT Rantau Sinar Karsa, recently received Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification, which means that all of Asian Agri and its companies are now 100% ISPO certified. 

Ir. Irmijati Rachmi Nurbahar, Director of Perennial and Beverage Crops for the Directorate General of Plantations at Ministry of Agriculture, presented the certifications to Bernard Riedo, Asian Agri’s Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations Director.

According to Aziz Hidayat, ISPO Secretariat Head, ISPO has awarded 502 certifications to 493 companies, five independent smallholder cooperatives and four plasma smallholder cooperatives, all of whom collectively manage a total plantation area of 4,115,434 ha.

In 2013, PT Inti Indosawit Subur was the first Asian Agri business unit to obtain ISPO certification. Asian Agri supports all its partnered palm oil smallholders in gaining ISPO certification. Among them was the Amanah Association in Riau who has the distinction of being the first independent smallholder cooperative in Indonesia to be ISPO certified.

“We are fully committed to the sustainable production of palm oil. We consistently implement the best practices in all operational activities across all our plantations and mills. The same commitment also applies to our smallholder partners,” said Bernard.

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