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Bagan Limau Village, Ukui, Pelalawan, Riau Province, a member of the Fire Free Villages Program assisted by Asian Agri, has intensified fire patrols to prevent forest and land fires in fire-prone areas.

Asian Agri Fire Free Village Program (FFVP) Manager, Hafiz Hazalin Sinaga said, “Since the implementation of the forest and land fire emergency alert by the Governor of Riau on February 17, 2021, the company has increased preparedness to prevent forest and land fires. As we know that we cannot predict fires, therefore preventive measures must be taken, one of which is by holding patrols in collaboration with companies, government, Indonesian National Armed Forces/Police, and the community,” said Hafiz.

Apart from conducting joint patrols with the Fire Aware Community (MPA), Community Police Officer, Crew Leader and the Asian Agri FFVP team are also actively giving the education about the dangers of forest and land fires, and educating people so that they do not clear land by burning.

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