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[Hallo Riau] Successfully Prevent Fire, 5 Villages Received Millions Rewards

By August 28, 2017No Comments

Four villages in Riau and one village in Jambi received a prize of Rp 500 million for successfully keep their area free from fire during 2016.

 Each village received Rp 100 million, which given by Asian Agri. This program is Asian Agri’s support to the government to prevent forest fires through Fire Free Village Program. 

The award presentation and MoU sign of Fire Free Village Program were held in Lubuk Ogong Village, Pelalawan, Riau on Tuesday (22/8). Regional Head Asian Agri Riau, Omri Samosir said that Asian Agri is strongly against land burning, in order to protect the village environment, plantations, and operational areas of the company.

In 2016, a total of 9 villages in Riau and Jambi joined the Fire Free Village Program. They succeeded in suppressing the fires from 7,89 hectares in 2015 to 13,75 hectares in 2016. Asian Agri’s Fire Free Village Program is a common synergy between communities, government, and companies in reducing the number of forest fires. The program is supported by Fire Aware Community to prevent fires and haze in their areas.

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