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The key to forest and land fire prevention activities is the participation of all parties, including government, corporations and the community. Prevention efforts become a priority in handling forest and land fire. One of them is by conducting socialization of forest and land fires.

“The delivery of information related to forest and land fire is not limited to certain conditions and not necessarily held indoors. It can even be done during activities such as sports. Through healthy cycling we also convey information to the communities that we meet about the impact of forest and land fire”, said Hafiz Hazalin Sinaga, Manager of the Fire Free Village Asian Agri Program while distributing leaflets about the negative impact of forest and land fires and its prevention.

According to Hafiz, cycling is not only able to nourish the body, but also is an early preparedness initiative to invite more people to take part and spread the dangers of forest and land fires and prevention efforts.

The socialization activity was carried out on March 1, 2020 at 06.00 am via the route of Pangkalan Kerinci Village, Kuala Terusan Village, Rantau Baru Village, Lubuk Ogung Village Pelalawan Regency which were considered to have potential for forest and land fires.

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